Drum Lessons in Detroit

Looking for drum lessons in the Detroit Downriver area? Look no further. Downriver has many excellent musicians, and many of them are willing to share their knowledge. Most all of the teachers will start out with the same material for beginner’s drum lessons. This includes rudiments, music reading, and basic beats. After this initial stage, you will probably start to focus in on a style that you are most interested in.

Here is a list of places you can get drum lessons in the Downriver area:

A&R Music – This medium sized store in Lincoln Park employs many great teachers. Almost all of them have studied their instruments at a university and now play professionally in the area. The staff that give private drum lessons here have a very extensive knowledge of not only drum set, but mallet percussion as well. The store also has a very helpful and friendly staff, and offers quality, affordable instruments for students. Drum lessons here cost 16 dollars per 30 minute lesson.

Mike Carey Music Company – This small store in Wyandotte is geared more towards the rock and roll crowd. While not all of the teachers have studied at a university, they are all respected musicians, and some of them have made a living playing professionally abroad. The drum lessons here are top notch and will have you rockin’ in no time. The store is jam packed with new and used guitar, drums, and other equipment. There is truly a guitar or drum set here for everybody, from the eager novice, to the professional who demands quality. Drum lessons here are 16 dollars per 30 minute lesson.

Marshall Music – This large store in Allen Park has experienced teachers and a huge selection of instruments. Although this store is definitely worth consideration when looking for drum lessons, the reputation of the staff at this store is a little bit worse than at the other stores in the area. The atmosphere is a little less inviting and the employees are not always happy to be there. The teachers who give drum lessons, however, are very good at what they do, and the larger than average selection of name brand gear may be just enough to make this store just as worthy a competitor as the others. Drum lessons here cost 72 dollars a month for 30 minutes of private instruction a week.

Southland Music – This store is located in Southland Mall. They have private drum lessons for all skill levels. They also have a very nice selection of drum sets, guitars, bass guitars, and digital pianos. The staff is very friendly. The most impressive part of this store, however, is their huge selection of sheet music. From the obscure to the popular, if you are looking for a song, they probably have the manuscript. For drummers or any musician, Southland Music is absolutely worth stopping in. Drum lessons here cost 17 dollars per 30 minute lesson.

Drum Lessons in Arizona

When deciding to take any sort of lessons to learn something it can be daunting to know where to go to find such instruction. In this article we will take you through some of the best places to get drum lessons in AZ.

A really great place to go for drum lessons is Drum Lessons AZ. I personally know the owner and he is great especially with children. He has students as young as 5 and up. He is always on time, patient and has been playing the drums for over 20 years. The studio is located in Mesa, AZ and he has a full studio with drums for students to use for practice. There is also a full service drum supply shop on the premises for all your equipment needs large or small he can order anything. He teaches in a multidimensional way which can be helpful when teaching different types of learners. If you are interested in learning the drums this should be the first call you make!

Another great place to take lessons is Valley Music Lessons. They have locations throughout Arizona. They have a coop of musicians that give lessons in not only drums, but guitar also. The teachers also have 20+ years experience playing. They offer one on one and group lessons.

Musika is also a great company to take lessons. They are well known for the quality they provide in teaching. They offer in home based instruction and offer instrument rental to make it more convenient. Every aspect of music is taught, including reading, rhythm, sound development so that the student can become complete musician. For more information please visit

Arizona Music Academy is another place to check out for drum lessons. This company teaches the standard drum kit, electronic drums, the traditional jazz trap set, and double bass for all genres of music. Students are able to study drumming rudiments, reading drum notation, transcriptions, and percussion tablature, basic drum beats, music terminology, rhythm, foot pedal techniques, cymbal techniques, as well as learn about the drum sets, heads, tunings, drum kit hardware and gear, and care of the instrument, Which is extremely important.

It is important to choose a class that will fit with your needs and skill level. Classes range from $20 and up, but be sure to ask about the costs involved in taking drum lessons.

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