Drum Lessons in the Orlando and Central Florida Area

Crash! Boom! Bang! Ratta-Tat-Tat!

Drums have the longest history of all Modern day musical instruments. Drums are the back beat of live music. It was the invention of the bass drum pedal that allowed drum sets, the snare drum, the bass drum, and the cymbals, to be able to be constructed. The drumset originally developed in the 1920s and was used to accompany New Orleans Jazz musicians. Drums are now a primary instrument for Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock, Pop, and Country music.

Drums are classified as membranophones and contain at least one membrane, the drumhead stretched over a shell, that is played by striking it with a drumstick to produce sounds. Most drums are untuned instruments, however, some Manufacturers such as Timpani are always tuned to a certain pitch.

The most common shape of drums is cylinder. Bowl-shaped drums can also be seen. Other popular drum shapes are the Bodhran frame shape, truncated-cone shapes like the bongo drums and Ashikos, the Djembe goblet shape, and the joined truncated cones like talking drums. At least 45 different types of drums are known to exist.

Drum sounds produced are determined by the type of drum, the drum’s construction, the type of drumhead used, and the tension of the drumhead on the drum. Drumheads affect the drum’s sound the most.

Drum lessons in the Orlando and Central Florida area are available from these Instructors among others.

Discount Music Center
3301 Gardenia Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32805

Offers music instruction classes for Students of all ages and skill levels through the School of Rock Orlando which was selected by the USLBA as “2008 Best Orlando Music Lesson”. Students are taught how to play with other musicians. Summer Camps and Vacation Camps for Children are available. Member BBB and Chamber of Commerce. 2006 and 2007 Peoples Choice award winners.

Take Lessons
Orlando, Florida

Students register for lessons with a TakeLessons Certified Instructor for in-home or in-studio studies. Students showcase their skills learned in a local Show What You Know Concert. Lessons are booked one month in advance to guarantee Students receive their selected time slots. Lessons begin at $30 and are paid for by major credit card or E-Check. There are no fixed monthly charges. Students only pay for lessons they take each month.

DrumMuffler.com (Instructor David Robinson)
Altamonte Springs, Maitland, Winter Park, Longwood, College Park, Heathrow, Casselberry, Apopka, Lake Mary, Winter Springs and Sanford
Orlando, Florida

Instructor has taught drum lessons in the Orlando area since 1997 and was a Touring Professional Musician for several years. The Student’s learning style and effort dictates the focus of instruction. Sight reading, rudiments, patterns, drum beats, fills, and listening skills are taught in an upbeat manner with hands on experience playing to recorded music. Students listen to and learn the drum parts of well known Drummers as part of the Lesson Plan and the progression of each Student. Practice assignments included for each lesson taught. The Drum Set Musician book is the Instructor’s chosen textbook and applies to all skill levels of drummers from Beginners to Advanced players. Drum charts and a play-along CD are included with the book. Hand written music sheets are also used for lesson learning sessions.

Seminole, Osceola, and Orange Counties
Orlando, Florida

Hours of operation are Mondays through Thursdays from 9am to 7pm and Fridays from 9am to 5pm. Lessons are for Beginner to Advanced Students and all skill levels. Students can take lessons in-home or in-studio with custom lesson plans tailored to meet each Student’s unique needs. Students provided opportunities to perform in Recitals to demonstrate the skills they have learned. Lessons cover music reading, rhythm, sound development, and drum repertoire. Once Students learn rhythm fundamentals they can choose the music of their interest and be taught almost any style to be able to express their creativity.

Parents, now you know where all that racket is coming from, your children banging in the kitchen playing on the pots and pans.