Drum Lessons in Miami

Drumming is a beautiful art that can be learned with ease. Live in Miami, Florida and looking for any type of affordable drum lessons? Look no further! The following is a list of affordable drum lessons in our area.

The Music Workshop – The Music Workshop isn’t only about drums; it’s about all types of music and having then work together. They also offer voice, guitar, piano, violin, keyboard, and bass lessons… among tons of others. Almost all lessons are private and tought one-on-one. The cost is $21 for a 30 minute lesson, and $37 for an hour. Group classes are available for beginner and intermediate students… and family discounts are also available. They also offer a “performance lab” to help young muscians get over stage fright.

Dean Vellenga – Dean Vellenga is a known percussionist, and has decided to reachout and teach people what he knows. He offers people personal drum lessons at a low cost. He creates customized lesson plans for each student, and works with them to get them at their personal best. He teaches many aspects of drumming, including: rock, jazz, funk, and band drumming, reading and creating music charts, how to correctly hold sticks, how to accompany a soloist, how to tune the drums, and how to behave professionally in musical situations. You will gain tons of playing experience during each lesson, get recordings of yourself playing, and fluency in various musical styles. You can call Dean at (786) 797-9707 to talk with him about anything or to schedule an appointment.

Take Lessons Teacher Matt S – Matt has been a drum teacher for some time now. He graduated from the University of Illinois, majoring in Music Technology. He is well qualified in percussion, producer, composer, piano, and music theory. He teaches ages 5-65, and does studio lessons as well as more persona, at-home lessons. His lessons include learning the basics of drumming, history, and improving your technique. He helps you create a more relaxed environment, and shows you how to maintain proper posture for better drumming. He specializes in steal drums, then percussion and piano. You can call him at (877) 231-8505 to schdule an appointment, set up a tour of his studio, or to ask any further questions.